Year 7 Humanities: Democracy to North Korea


Source: Turnball, Shorten face off in debate | SBS News (Retrieved Nov 7, 2016)

Key Concepts

  • How will your determine the governing party? Voting procedures: preferential or first passed the post?
  • Will voting be compulsory?
  • How will the governing party be elected?
  • How long is their term in office?
  • How do you ensure that elections are free and fair?

Library Books

Australia: Voting Procedures

Sample Senate Ballot Paper, Source: Federal Elections | Parliamentary Education Office (Retrieved Nov 7, 2016)


Sample House of Representatives Ballot Paper, Source: Federal Elections | Parliamentary Education Office (Retrieved Nov 7, 2016)



UK: Voting Procedures

Image source: Election 2015: How to vote - BBC News (Retrieved Nov 8, 2016)

New Zealand: Voting Procedures

Image source: Using the Ballot Paper | Electoral Commission (Retrieved Nov 8, 2016)


  • Preferential voting: a system of voting in which voters indicate their first, second, and lower choices of several candidates for a single office. If no candidate receives a majority, the second choices are added to the first choices until one candidate has a majority.
  • First passed the post voting: the voter casts a single vote for the candidate of their choice. The candidate who receives the most votes is elected. This system is still used in many countries today including the United States, Canada and India, but no longer used in Australia.

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Existing Systems