RE ATAR Unit 4: role Religion plays in the public life of Australian or another nation

Religion in Education

Liberty and Equality

State Funding


In 2017:

    • There were 3,849,225 students enrolled in 9,444 schools
    • 65.6% of students were enrolled in government schools, 19.9% in catholic schools and 14.5% independent schools
    • Teachers made up 70% of in-school staff
    • The Year 7 to 12 Apparent Retention Rate for Australia was 84.8%


The Catholic Church has established primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions in Australia. Today one in five Australian students attend Catholic schools. There are over 1,700 Catholic schools in Australia with more than 750,000 students enrolled, employing almost 60,000 teachers.


Below is an edited extract from "The Rise of Religious Schools" was published by The Centre for Independent Studies earlier this month. The full report is available from