RE ATAR Unit 4: a current issue for a religion and how this religion interacts with this issue

a current issue for the Catholic Church

All religions, in order to remain both authentic and relevant, constantly reflect on how best to respond to changing values and attitudes in society. Rapid change in such things as technology, the media, family life, marriage, and other dimensions of social life all have the potential to create issues within society that in turn become matters of concern or interest for particular religions. (Religion and Life ATAR Year 12 syllabus)

Pro Euthanasia

how the Catholic Church interacts with the issue

EOLC Sub 592 Rec'd 23/10/2017

AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE Bishops Commission for Family, Youth and Life

23 October 2017

The Principal Research Officer
Select Committee on End of Life Choices Legislative Assembly
Parliament House

Dear Sir/Madam

Inquiry into the need for laws in Western Australia to allow citizens to make informed decisions regarding their own end of life choices

This submission from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) has been prepared by the Bishops Commission for Family, Youth and Life (BCFYL).

The ACBC is the assembly of Catholic Bishops of this country and the means by which the Bishops act nationally and address issues of national significance. The BCFYL is one of the commissions established by the ACBC to address important issues both within the Church and the Australian community. The BCFYL has responsibility for life issues such as euthanasia.

As well as a long-respected source of reflection on bioethical questions, the Catholic Church is the oldest and largest provider of healthcare, aged care, palliative care and healthcare professional education, in the world. Across Australia, Catholic providers operate Australia’s largest non-government grouping of hospitals, aged and community care services, providing approximately 10 per cent of healthcare services in Australia. This includes 42 Catholic specialist palliative care services. This care is delivered in accord with best practice technically and ethically.